For students and parents:

Questions about a particular camp should be directed to the individual department offering that camp.


For academic departments offering camps:

There is no fee to be included in the camp list. The list is maintained by the Gordon A. Cain Center for STEM Literacy in the Office of Academic Affairs as a service to the campus academic community. Accuracy of information is the responsibility of each individual department offering a particular camp. To add/update/remove camp entries, a recognized faculty or administrative contact within your department should contact our program manager:

Harald Leder

Adding a new camp:

When requesting to add a new camp, please include the following information:

  • Your department or college name
  • A brief yet descriptive camp name
  • A link to a webpage of yours containing all camp details including how to apply/register
  • Contact info (name, phone, e-mail) for someone in your department who handles queries related to your camp

The following camp details should be listed on your own webpage:

  • Target audience: "Rising 9–12" or say "Rising 7–9, female/non-binary"
  • Start date and end date
  • Deadline for initial application or registration
  • Time: "morning" or "afternoon" or "full-day"
  • Formats: any combination of "virtual", "commuting", "residential" (on-campus housing offered)
  • Fee: could be just "$600" or something like "$450 (virtual, commuting); $1275 (residential)"
  • Slightly longer camp description of two or three short sentences

We will formulate the initial contents of our listing entry based on the information given on your webpage. However, we will not monitor your webpage for future changes. Therefore, if any information about your camp changes, you must inform us to update our entry.

Collaborative opportunities:

The Gordon A Cain Center for STEM Literacy itself operates several camps (High School Summer Academy). We enjoy learning from fellow departments on camp-related administrative topics:

  • Options and best practices for hosting online registration forms
  • Credit card processing and gathering of monies
  • Arranging housing for residential camps
  • Locating suitable camp instructors
  • Meeting legal and administrative requirements to operate a camp
  • Options for hosting a camp website
  • What information to include on a camp website

In addition to learning from each other through conversation, we may be able to provide some of the above as fee-based services, individualized to need, constrained by our limited capacity, depending on an active relationship between our units, with the intent that you would eventually operate your camp entirely on your own.